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Acoustic Intelligence ACINT
Amplitude Modulation in RECM techniques
Angle Deception
Anti-Monopulse techniques - Cross-polarization
Area Protection Task
Barrage Noise
Cognitive EW
Collaborative EW
Communication Electronic CounterMeasures Basic Techniques
Communication Electronic CounterMeasures in Stand-in Jammer Task
Communication Electronic CounterMeasures in Stand-off Jammer Task
Communication Electronic Support Measures - CESM
Communication intelligence COMINT
Counter Drone
Counter Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (C-RCIED)
Counter UAS/UAV
Counter-drone Area Protection
Cover Pulse (Radar)
Cyber Attack
Cyber Electro Magnetic Activities CEMA
Cyber Protection / Cyber Resilience
Deception Jamming (Deception Techniques in Radar ECM)
Defensive Electronic Attack
Direction Finding in RESM aka Passive DT Techniques
Electro Magnetic Spectrum Operation (EMSO)
Electronic Attack aka electromagnetic attack
Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)
Electronic Support aka electromagnetic Support
Electronic Warfare aka electromagnetic warfare
Escort Jammer Task
EWC2 - Ew C&C
Expendable Active Decoys
Human intelligence HUMINT
Inverse Gain
IO - Information Operations
Manned-Unmanned Teaming
Maritime Surveillance
Net-centric EW
Noise Jamming (Radar)
Offensive Electronic Attack
OpenSource intelligence OSINT
Radar Electronic Attack
Radar Electronic CounterMeasures in Escort Jammer Task
Radar Electronic Countermeasures in Self Protection task
Radar Electronic CounterMeasures in Stand-in Jammer Task
Radar Electronic Countermeasures Techniques
Radar Electronic Support Measures - RESM
Radar Warning System
Range Gate Pull-Off (RangeDeception)
Receiver Architecture in EW and ELINT
Self Protection Suite
Self-Protection for Maritime Patrolling platforms
Self-Protection for submarines
Self-Protection Task (airborne)
Self-Protection Task for Surface Ships
Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)
Signal/Data Processing Deception
Space EW
Specific Emitter Identification for Comm Signals
Specific Emitter identification for Radar Signals
Spectrum Management
Spoofing in Radar ECM
Spot Noise
Swept Amplitude Modulation (SAM)
Swept Jamming against Radio Communications
Swept Noise (Radar)
Tactical Surveillance
Threat Warning - Alarm and Warning task
Tones Jamming against Radio Communications
Towed Decoys
Velocity Gate Pull-Off